BK Bueno Mobile Phone Accessories

BK Bueno Mobile Phone Accessories are super-high quality and cheap price. Grab your selfi stick, Ring Holder, Mobile Phone Stand, Power bank, etc..

Selfi Stick & Mobile Phone Stand

BK BRIGHT™ Universal Adjustable Desktop Phone Stand

Enjoy hands-free reading, web browsing, content viewing, and more with this Universal Stand for Smartphones and Tablets.

It will support almost any sized tablet or smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode.

The stand is made with plastic and features a non-slip base, so it’s safe and reliable.

Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to travel anywhere.

Sports Armband

BK BRIGHT™ Universal (XXL) Sports Arm-Band

Size of the Screen Part (Including the Light-gray Round Part): 17.8cm x 9.8cm

Sports band is the safest way to keep track of your steps, run, or other exercises while being able to listen to music or talk on the phone at the same time. Has an access point for your headphones and even a place for your front door key. The adjustable arm strap is easy to put on and quick to release. Best of all it’s washable and quick-drying!

Stylus Pen

BK BRIGHT™ 2 in 1 Ball-point Pen and Touch Pen

2 in 1 (Pen & Touch pen) Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen.

Power Banks

BK BRIGHT™ 10000mAh Capacity Portable Power Bank

This product is a 10000mAh Power bank for mobile phones, tablet PCs, and etc.

PU Card Pocket with Ring Holder

BK BRIGHT™ PU Card Pocket with Ring Holder

Card Pocket Adhesive Sticker Back Card Pocket with Mobile Phone Finger Ring Stand.

This is an Updated Version Cell Phone Card Holder with a 360 Degree Rotation Finger Ring Stand.

Allow Securely Hold your Cell Phone in One Hand with a Single Finger, also Can be Used as Stand when Watching Movies and Videos with Hand Free.