(USB9043) HDMI-Male / HDMI-Male (3M)



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HDMI-Male / HDMI-Male (3M)

This HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) cable is a Male to Male 24k Gold-Plated cable that is ideal for use with HDTV, Freeview, or other HDMI devices. These cables are used as the connection for PC monitors, digital TV, and digital audio devices. Supporting high-quality video and audio to a 1080i resolution it is the perfect use in homes and offices.

Features and Benefits

Compact, user-friendly design meets consumer equipment needs
HDMI-DVI cables DVI backward compatible
Signal layout low impedance mismatch
Fully shielded-ESD protection and 24K Gold-Plated connectors
Meets the HDMI standard and the higher bandwidth this standard requires
These products are backward compatible with previous standards

Typical Applications

• Gaming Consoles
• Televisions
• Computer Monitors
• Digital Broadcasting
• Plasma Display
• LCDs
• Satellite Box
• DVD Player

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