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2 essential accessories in 1 innovative, unique, and super-functional package

With PopSockets, you no longer need to choose between a desk stand and a grip for your device. PopSockets’ grippy adhesive, robust construction, and pop-and-collapse mechanism ensure that you’ll always have an easy way to view media, check recipes, video call friends, and more, as well as a handy way to take the pressure off your hands while you’re holding your phone.

Ingenious expanding and contracting design

There really is nothing like PopSockets. All you have to do to take advantage of this wonderful item is attach it to the back of your phone, then pull it outwards. Hey presto – your very own stand and grip. When you’re done using PopSockets, simply press inwards and your mount contracts to maximize storage space and minimize bulk.

Stand function for viewing media

Working similar to many phone cases with a kickstand function – but entirely more versatile – PopSockets can be used in landscape or portrait orientation as a media viewing stand, perfect for those extended streaming service marathons. This is also ideal for keeping recipes close to hand while cooking, for example, or simply for keeping your device stable while typing.

Provides extra grip

PopSockets can also be used as a grip, taking the pressure off your hands while texting or talking. Now you don’t need to worry about dropping your device while you’re in the middle of an important conversation – the super-strong adhesive will keep your phone safe no matter what.

Adds virtually no extra bulk

Despite all this functionality, PopSockets barely take up any space on your device. Thanks to the contracting design, too, you can simply “fold away” your grip, ready to be expanded for the next time you need it.

Compatible with many cases

The washable adhesive that PopSockets use is compatible with the majority of cases (some waterproof cases or silicone cases may not be compatible). Leave your protective case on your device and still enjoy all the benefits brought by PopSockets.

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