iPad PaperLike Protector is available now in BK Bueno!

Are you looking for a new and special iPad screen protector?

GBK Paper like Film Screen Protector offers you a natural and real feeling with stylus writing on screen as writing on paper, quite smooth and responsive.
High Touch Sensitivity: Paper Like screen protector also has high touch sensitivity. You will feel quite smooth and responsive when you are drawing, writing or sketching.

You can order iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro model.

Available Models : iPad 12.9 inch 3/4/5, iPad Pro 11 inch 1/2/3, iPad Air 3/4, iPad 7/8/9 Gen, iPad Mini 4/5.

  • 1.ipad screen protector:Paper iPad Specifically Designed Compatible with iPad Series. Compatible with Apple Pencil .Fit Models: A1876/A2014/A1895/A1983/A2229/A2069/A2032/A2233.
  • 2.Compatible with Face ID:ipad pro 12.9 screen protector upgraded design with Face ID sensor has no interfere with the Face ID of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch screen.
  • 3.Ultra thin ipad screen protector keep the like paper ipad. And whether you’re using touch or Pencil on ipad like paper screen protector, maintaining your touchscreen’s responsiveness.
  • 4.Compatible with Pencil:Paper Screen Protector ipad 12.9 writing feel while maintaining touch-screen. new paper ipad pro 12.9 screen protector brings the iPad closer to digital drawing tablets.
  • 5.Paper ipad With to suppress light reflection. Making your iPad both a perfect reading companion and a journal, even under the bright sun.


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GBK is a company based in Auckland, New Zealand. 100% Local Stock in NZ. Fast Delivery, Delivery within 2 Working Days in North Island!!

iPad Paperlike Screen ProtectoriPad Paperlike Screen ProtectoriPad Paperlike Screen ProtectoriPad Paperlike Screen ProtectoriPad Paperlike Screen Protector